God has laid a hand and now we are best friends.
We love each other. That's all.
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when you try your best but you can’t quit glee
when you don’t get what you want or what you need
when you blacklist but it’s still on your feed
stuck in reverse

and the smoke comes pouring out your ears
that people still give this shitshow cheers
can’t believe you wasted five whole years
could it be worse?

RIB will write season six
and it will be shit
and i will try
to quit it

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on the bright side i am not addicted to crack cocaine

On the downside I’m too poor to afford one.

one crack cocaine

hello drug dealer yes i would like to purchase one crack cocaine please

debit or credit

I actually have a gift card

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@fruttare Hey Mr. DJ put my record on! Check out who’s spinnin’ at the Fruttare Hangout in her #coachella style! @DiannaAgron pic.twitter.com/4ZsX6GaTQj
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